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Beach Party March 31, 2008

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My two oldest children decided to have a “beach party” yesterday. They both (5 and 8 yrs) donned swimsuits and went for a swim in the tub. Now, they have done this many times before, in fact this is what we often do when it is too cold/rainy to be outside. Yesterday I was downstairs and heard a dripping sound. Didn’t think much of it. Then I look into the kitchen- OH MY GOODNESS!! A 14×4 ft water stain had suddenly appeared. I bolted up the stairs, opened the door to find an ocean in the bathroom- 2-3 inches of standing water. Remember the scene from Home Alone 4, when Kevin floods the bathroom and it comes cascading down to the 1st floor?? That was ALMOST my house!!

I ordered them to their rooms, told my hubby to hand me all the towels, and using all of those towels, we were able to soak everything up. We drained the tub, dried the floor the best we could, and headed back downstairs. I called my dad- the handyman- he had me poke holes in the ceiling to drain the water so that the ceiling wouldn’t collapse.

We called the insurance and they got a water remediation crew out, so now we have 7 industrial fans and 2 industrial dehumidifiers running. Leave it to my kids!!

Not sure at this point what the punishment will be. My oldest was already grounded from an equally bad decision on Friday, so grounding isn’t my best option. I guess I need to get creative, any thoughts??



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