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Medicine March 31, 2008

Posted by linnic in Medication.
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Giving medication has become very routine in our house. My son is on many medications.

In the morning he takes Riperdal, Celexa, and Metadate. In the afternoon he takes Methalyn, and at night we end things with an additional dose of Risperdal and Benedryl. He is also on a PRN for a Risperdal/Benedryl combo.

My son is 5. I have taken a lot of heat for all of this medication, and I don’t really like giving it to him, but he can’t function without it. Prior to being medicated, he could not go an entire hour without a MAJOR meltdown. His meltdowns rendered him virtually mute, he was highly aggressive and almost animalistic. With medication, we can make it through the day. Are days perfect? Far from it. I don’t think we have had a day in the past 3 years where we haven’t felt like we were walking on eggshells, just waiting for the next meltdown.

B was only 3 when I began considering medication, and just after his 4th birthday we began with our first meds. Since then, meds have been changed, added to, and discontinued. Ups and downs always accompany every med change. Even after a year and a half, we still haven’t found the right combination.

As I said, I have taken a lot of heat, but this is what we have to do for my son to survive and thrive. If my child had diabetes, no one would question his need for insulin to survive. My son is no different. I know that not every child should be on medication, and I do agree that there are many kids who do not need medication, but are on it anyway. There are kids out there that do need it. Any thoughts on medications?



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