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Children’s Books on Bipolar April 3, 2008

Posted by linnic in Resources.
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My son is beginning to get to the age where he notices things are different for him than for other kids.  I decided to find a few books that will hopefully help him understand and cope.  So far, I have only found one book, they seem to be hard to find.
Brandon and the Bipolar Bear by Tracy Anglada is an excellent book for children.  It explains a hard to understand illness in a way that both children and parents can understand.  Not only did I read this to my son, but my daughter as well.  It helped her to understand what her brother is going through.

I am still on the look out for good children’s books on bipolar, ADHD, and mood disorders.  Please share if you have found a good resource.



1. bipolarbubbles - October 26, 2008

Hi, Nicole – I am enjoying reading your blog. It is amazing how so many situations are similiar among us parents who are raising children with bipolar disorder. Of course, this time of year means lots going on with school/education. At any rate, I just started our blog today so am trying to figure it out. I also see you invited readers to share resources, so wanted to let you know about another book.

My daughter (7 years old with bipolar disorder, among other things) created a book this year to help her understand bipolar disorder. We ended up taking it further so we could share it with others. It is called Bipolar Bubbles (A Positive Journey Through the Eyes of a Child with Bipolar Disorder). You can take a look at my blog or visit our site at http://www.BipolarBubbles.com. We use bubbles to explain different moods and feel it is put forth in a way that will help children who are diagnosed with this illness, as well as their friends and families, better understand them.

I look forward to keeping up with your blog. Thank you for letting me share our project!

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