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Educating the Bipolar Child April 25, 2008

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As a teacher, education is an important part of my life. Yesterday the teachers at my school had an inservice over BIST which is a program designed to help kids with severe behavioral problems succeed in school. This was not a first inservice on this program, but it provided me with some things to think about in regards to my son. The program stresses holding kids accountable for their actions.

One key quote that stuck out in my mind yesterday was “intervene when you see it, not feel it.” So many times I wait to react until I get emotionally invested in the situation. Whereas if I would intervene earlier, things might be better controlled. BIST teaches kids to think about why they did what they did and what they can do next time. It gives them 3 goals to make them successful in life.

1. I can make good choices even if I am mad.
2. I can be ok even if someone around me isn’t.
3. I can do something even when I don’t want to.

A person can not survive in our world without these skills. How many times do you have to do something you don’t want to do? How often do you have to be ok even when someone else isn’t? (Parents of bipolar kids do this everyday!!)

A person lacking those skills:

can’t hold a job
have trouble maintaining positive personal relationships
end up in jail
have chaotic lives



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