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Chalk April 28, 2008

Posted by linnic in behavior.
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Well, my lovely son has just decided to color our carpet with chalk!!  Now, we don’t have the nicest home in the world, nor the nicest carpet.  In fact, the carpet is in dire need of being replaced, but we are trying to make it last as long as possible.  He found a piece of yellow sidewalk chalk and went to town.  One of the spots came out with just the vacuum.  The other one, well is doesn’t look like it is coming out until we replace the carpet.

Now, I realize that it could be worse…he could have used pink or red, but GRRR!!!  I hate that my house can never stay nice.  We moved to this house in October and he has put 3 holes in walls, helped his sister destroy the bathroom in a flood, and pulled up various patches of grass/ plants.  Give me a break already!!

It probably sounds like he just needs more supervision, but I swear the only time he isn’t supervised is when we blink or use the bathroom.  Tonight I was helping my daughter gather her supplies for a project and take them to her room, he was less than 10 feet away, but my back was turned!

PLEASE tell me that we will outgrow this destructive phase….PLEASE….even if you have to lie!!!



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