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Summertime- Oh boy May 20, 2008

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With summer fast approaching (2 days for my kids, 4 for me), I’m a little anxious. Summer can be a trying time in our family. Less structure than school, more sibling rivalry, etc. I am one of THOSE moms who do not involve their kids in tons of stuff during the summer. Partially due to financial concerns, partially due to the fact that I worry how my son will handle it, and partially because I like my kids to have the time to play. They get to ride bikes, play in the sprinklers, go to the local zoo, swim, and go to the park. I truly hope that being outside will continue to be a calming source for my son, it generally is. Bright sunny days are usually ok, but rainy days spent inside are rough.

My goal is to keep everyone pretty busy at home. What types of things do you do with your kids? We will be working on chores, possibly a garden, going to the library weekly and reading, playing outside playing board games, and maybe even having them learn a couple of special computer projects. I am all for great ideas though, so if you have something you kids just love to do, let me know!!



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