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Baby Steps May 22, 2008

Posted by linnic in behavior.
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My son has made to giant baby steps this week.  YEA!!!  First one happen about a week ago.  He and his older sister were in our backyard playing.  They began arguing.  I could see the whole series of events from inside, but was trying to let them work it out.  He raised a fist (here we go again, I thought).  Then he turns and runs inside.  He didn’t hit her!  Now that may not seem like a big deal, but it was HUGE!!!  When he came inside, we didn’t even have a complete meltdown (it was close for a minute though).

Tonight, we were sitting at the table eating dinner.  The TV was still on, playing a HIGHLY preferred movie.  We usually turn it off but forgot to.  My husband was sitting in direct line of my son’s view of the TV.  Instead of screaming, demanding that my husband move,  and having a meltdown, he said “could you please move so that I can see better?”  My jaw fell open.  Don’t get me wrong, my son is a very polite little guy, but for him to say it without any hint of getting upset, that was a big step.  Usually the anticipation of a no will cause a meltdown before the question is even asked.

This whole journey will be two steps forward, three steps back, I know that.  I have challenged myself though to focus on the positives.  I guess I am taking a step forward too.



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