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Shoes May 25, 2008

Posted by linnic in behavior.
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My son has this obsession with shoes (yes, the 5 yr old!!)  He wants a new pair every week.  My mom has always been the one to buy shoes for the kids, no reason really she just always has.  Last week he starts begging grandma and grandpa for a new pair.  The last pair was purchased a month ago and in that time he cut his shoe laces so he wouldn’t have to tie them.  Well Friday I discovered his latest shoe alteration, he had cut the tongue of the shoe off, but only on one side.  When approached about it, he claimed he was having a hard time kicking a football and this helped.  Ok, MAYBE a plausible explanation IF he had a football!!  Grandpa was certainly NOT at all happy about this.  So now if my son wants new shoes, he is working for them.  He is going to my dad’s house and doing chores, getting paid a dollar per chore.  My mom is having a really hard time with this, she wants him to be able to earn the money quickly.  My dad and I on the other hand think it needs to be something he actually has to work for.  Today begins the first round of chores, can’t wait to hear what he earns!



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