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What to do June 10, 2008

Posted by linnic in behavior.
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I feel like we have turned back the clocks to last October, a point when my son’s tantrums were at an all time high.  He has been very unstable since summer started.  We have had to give a PRN for behavior and had to do more restraints in the past 2 weeks than in the previous 6 months combined.  He is completely destructive, extremely aggressive, and defiant.  Then he will turn around and be the sweetest kids ever.  We have had to walk on eggshells lately.  Today he damaged the shower doors in my bathroom- will have to replace a piece he broke, he damaged a regular wooden door, tore the window shades down and crumpled them up, and put bruises up and down my legs.  NOTHING seems to be working right now.  We did have a med change and I thought that was helping a bit, but maybe not.  We are on a physical and emotional roller coaster all day long and I am completely exhausted.  I don’t know where to go for help or what to do.

I signed up with a yahoo! group of some other parents of BP kids, but haven’t been accepted just yet.  I am hoping that conversing with other parents of young kids with BP will help.



1. Lori V. (doyourealize) - June 12, 2008

Hi!I just found your blog today & thought I’d leave you my blog and email address as well.

I have a thirteen-year-old son who has early-onset bipolar disorder, ODD, ADHD, and overanxious disorder (the kid equivalent of generalized anxiety disorder). He was diagnosed with everything except his ODD about five years ago, so we know how much you are struggling. The ODD was only added about a year ago. I wish I could tell you it will get better, but adolescent hormone changes have actually escalated some of our problems.

What I can offer you, though, is honesty and openness about any questions you have about anything, from behaviors to meds we’ve tried, to how it affects siblings and you, his parents. If WordPress doesn’t show you my email address, go through my blog & email me that way.

You’ll find posts about Youngest in my blog, but the blog itself is about a gazillion other subjects. I have found, for me, that if I dwell only on Youngest and his disease I will crash and burn.

Good luck, and shoot me an email… I’d love to correspond!

2. Esther - July 12, 2008

I’m SOOO glad I found your blog. I have two bipolar kids. Quite lively at my home!!

I can truly relate to what you are saying.
Best wishes, Esther

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