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What to do June 10, 2008

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I feel like we have turned back the clocks to last October, a point when my son’s tantrums were at an all time high.  He has been very unstable since summer started.  We have had to give a PRN for behavior and had to do more restraints in the past 2 weeks than in the previous 6 months combined.  He is completely destructive, extremely aggressive, and defiant.  Then he will turn around and be the sweetest kids ever.  We have had to walk on eggshells lately.  Today he damaged the shower doors in my bathroom- will have to replace a piece he broke, he damaged a regular wooden door, tore the window shades down and crumpled them up, and put bruises up and down my legs.  NOTHING seems to be working right now.  We did have a med change and I thought that was helping a bit, but maybe not.  We are on a physical and emotional roller coaster all day long and I am completely exhausted.  I don’t know where to go for help or what to do.

I signed up with a yahoo! group of some other parents of BP kids, but haven’t been accepted just yet.  I am hoping that conversing with other parents of young kids with BP will help.


Wordless Wednesday June 4, 2008

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Not sure if you can read this too well, but it says:

“By the time I think about what I’m gonna do…I already DID it!”

Spray paint- AGAIN! June 3, 2008

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I THOUGHT we had gotten rid of all the spray paint in the house, but boy was I wrong!  My son found a lone white can and resprayed his car!  I am so furious with him.  I have now taken the chargers for both cars and locked them up for at least a week.  I am trying to decide if I should make him scrub the car clean again- obviously it did nothing to deter him.  I know he is impulsive and that is part of the ADHD/bipolar, but geez!!

Things this summer have been terrible!  We have had to restrain and punish like crazy and NOTHING seems to work.  He has had everyone in the family in tears; including my parents!  I don’t know what to do with him! I am completely at my witts end.  We called the Dr and she wants us to give him a few days on the new medicine, but I’m not sure how much I can take.  We had 4 hours of bliss today because he went to an anger management group for that time.  I wish it would have been all day long.

We have started a positive reinforcement chart in which he can earn happy/sad faces, and then gets a prize if he has so many of them.  Right now, he is earning a face every 30 minutes and if he gets 10 out of 12 by 1:00 then he gets a prize.  Then in the afternoon/evening if he earns 12/14 he can get a prize.  So far he has earned one prize in the past 6 days.

He had been doing so much better before school let out and now we have fallen down the mountain.

Concerta June 3, 2008

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We have decided to try concerta on my son.  He had been on Metadate with a booster of methylphenadate in the afternoon.  Even with the booster, we were not making it to bedtime with out meltdowns.  Our Dr felt Concerta would offer a more stable dosage of medication.  We shall see.  We began the medicine this morning.  There is always a level of anxiety for me every time we make a med change.  Will things get better?  Worse? or stay the same?  Time will tell.

The Car May 31, 2008

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My son has two of the little powerwheels vehicles: a mustang and a hummer. He absolutely loves them and every day drives each until the battery is dead. Well today I was inside getting my youngest to stay in bed while my middle son was outside with dad. Dad was mowing in the back, and son was playing in the front. My hubby comes in to tell me that our son had spray painted his mustang. He found an old can of spray paint and decorate it to “make it look cooler for his sister since he was giving it to her for her birthday. Nice gesture, but geez!!! I made him scrub all the paint off, and luckily most came off. The scrubbing process took over an hour. I’m not sure if it will prevent another occurrence or not, but hopefully!!! I am including a picture of one side of the car. The joys of parenthood!!

Newsweek Article May 30, 2008

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Newsweek had a very interesting article this week about bipolar in kids. Several times while reading the story, I was not sure if I was reading a magazine or my own diary. I could relate to SO many of the events in Max’s life. Of you have a child with bipolar, or know someone who does, I HIGHLY recommend reading this article!

One quote that really “got me”: “There was one good thing about this strange diagnosis, she thought: at least it meant she wasn’t a bad mother.”

While the mother in the article had moved past this point of view, I think I am still partially here. I think that at times I use the diagnosis to “prove” that I’m not a bad parent. I feel for the family in this story, but can relate on so many levels!

Summer- UGH!! May 28, 2008

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I’m not sure we are going to survive summer!! My son and daughter were at Grandma’s this weekend and came home Monday.  Since then they have both been home.  We are in the midwest and have had constant rain since last Thursday, which means we have been trapped in the house.  Yesterday was one episode after the next; today isn’t much better.  My son’s defiance has been horrendous.  The outbursts haven’t been much better.  Yesterday we actually had to give him a PRN of Risperdal and Benedryl just to get him through the day.  I haven’t had to do that in months now.

I am getting pushed to my limit.  He always acts worse with me.  It doesn’t matter if I shower him with attention for good things or take it all away when he acts up.  It sure makes me feel worthless as a mom.  So many times in the past two days I have wanted to get up, walk out and not come home.  Of course I would never do that but I sure feel like it at times!!!

I would love to find a good online support group for kids with severe ADHD, bipolar, ODD and the like.  Do you know of any??  Please leave a comment and let me know if you do.

Shoes May 25, 2008

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My son has this obsession with shoes (yes, the 5 yr old!!)  He wants a new pair every week.  My mom has always been the one to buy shoes for the kids, no reason really she just always has.  Last week he starts begging grandma and grandpa for a new pair.  The last pair was purchased a month ago and in that time he cut his shoe laces so he wouldn’t have to tie them.  Well Friday I discovered his latest shoe alteration, he had cut the tongue of the shoe off, but only on one side.  When approached about it, he claimed he was having a hard time kicking a football and this helped.  Ok, MAYBE a plausible explanation IF he had a football!!  Grandpa was certainly NOT at all happy about this.  So now if my son wants new shoes, he is working for them.  He is going to my dad’s house and doing chores, getting paid a dollar per chore.  My mom is having a really hard time with this, she wants him to be able to earn the money quickly.  My dad and I on the other hand think it needs to be something he actually has to work for.  Today begins the first round of chores, can’t wait to hear what he earns!

Baby Steps May 22, 2008

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My son has made to giant baby steps this week.  YEA!!!  First one happen about a week ago.  He and his older sister were in our backyard playing.  They began arguing.  I could see the whole series of events from inside, but was trying to let them work it out.  He raised a fist (here we go again, I thought).  Then he turns and runs inside.  He didn’t hit her!  Now that may not seem like a big deal, but it was HUGE!!!  When he came inside, we didn’t even have a complete meltdown (it was close for a minute though).

Tonight, we were sitting at the table eating dinner.  The TV was still on, playing a HIGHLY preferred movie.  We usually turn it off but forgot to.  My husband was sitting in direct line of my son’s view of the TV.  Instead of screaming, demanding that my husband move,  and having a meltdown, he said “could you please move so that I can see better?”  My jaw fell open.  Don’t get me wrong, my son is a very polite little guy, but for him to say it without any hint of getting upset, that was a big step.  Usually the anticipation of a no will cause a meltdown before the question is even asked.

This whole journey will be two steps forward, three steps back, I know that.  I have challenged myself though to focus on the positives.  I guess I am taking a step forward too.

Summertime- Oh boy May 20, 2008

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With summer fast approaching (2 days for my kids, 4 for me), I’m a little anxious. Summer can be a trying time in our family. Less structure than school, more sibling rivalry, etc. I am one of THOSE moms who do not involve their kids in tons of stuff during the summer. Partially due to financial concerns, partially due to the fact that I worry how my son will handle it, and partially because I like my kids to have the time to play. They get to ride bikes, play in the sprinklers, go to the local zoo, swim, and go to the park. I truly hope that being outside will continue to be a calming source for my son, it generally is. Bright sunny days are usually ok, but rainy days spent inside are rough.

My goal is to keep everyone pretty busy at home. What types of things do you do with your kids? We will be working on chores, possibly a garden, going to the library weekly and reading, playing outside playing board games, and maybe even having them learn a couple of special computer projects. I am all for great ideas though, so if you have something you kids just love to do, let me know!!