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Summer- UGH!! May 28, 2008

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I’m not sure we are going to survive summer!! My son and daughter were at Grandma’s this weekend and came home Monday.  Since then they have both been home.  We are in the midwest and have had constant rain since last Thursday, which means we have been trapped in the house.  Yesterday was one episode after the next; today isn’t much better.  My son’s defiance has been horrendous.  The outbursts haven’t been much better.  Yesterday we actually had to give him a PRN of Risperdal and Benedryl just to get him through the day.  I haven’t had to do that in months now.

I am getting pushed to my limit.  He always acts worse with me.  It doesn’t matter if I shower him with attention for good things or take it all away when he acts up.  It sure makes me feel worthless as a mom.  So many times in the past two days I have wanted to get up, walk out and not come home.  Of course I would never do that but I sure feel like it at times!!!

I would love to find a good online support group for kids with severe ADHD, bipolar, ODD and the like.  Do you know of any??  Please leave a comment and let me know if you do.


The Beginning October 24, 2007

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My son was born 5 years ago and from the beginning, had more energy than his body could handle. By 5 months, he was doing “tummy scrunches”. He would lift his head and feet up off the floor while lying on his back. He did this so much, his little tummy looked bloated!

Later we hit the terrible twos. He wasn’t much different from any other toddler. He had way more energy than mom and we were forever chasing him. He had temper tantrums like any other boy his age. Unlike many boys his age, these tantrums never improved.

When he was 3 he started preschool. Within 6 months he was being sent home for hurting others. We sought counseling. Things kept getting worse. His tantrums became unmanageable and we had to physically restrain him. I have a background in special education and had been trained to deal with severe behaviors that required physical restraint. Soon we were restraining daily. We sought out a psychiatrist to begin medication. Soon, things at school were not good and he was asked not to return. We sought testing for special education placement. So far we were told this was ADHD (a severe case) and Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

Testing showed he was gifted in math. No surprise there. At 2 years he was able to add and subtract in his head, although he had no idea what math symbols were. He was placed on an IEP and into a special education Pre-K. With med adjustments occurring monthly, things still weren’t right. He completed the program and we had a nice summer. That brings us to the present.

This year my son started kindergarten. His first few days were great. We were in the process of finding a new house, and moved about a month ago. This set us into a downward spiral that we are still in the middle of. At the beginning of October, he had an episode at school in which he was restrained for over an hour, the decision was made (by me and the school personnel) to call in a community police officer to help transport him to a crisis center. A hospitalization at a pediatric psychiatric hospital followed. That had to have been the worst 5 days of my life! Since we have had med changes, and finally, what I consider an accurate diagnosis. The diagnosis of Pediatric Onset Bipolar Disorder was given last week. Since then I have done a TON of research and things are finally making sense. I see the mood swings that he is cycling through at the incredible rate of manic to depressive within minutes.

I decided to begin this blog as an outlet for myself and hopefully as a resource to others. I have not yet found a support group, but am looking for one. Until then, and even after, I plan to use this blog to post my thoughts, research and insight.